Exercise Classes For Seniors

Tai Chi/Qigong Certified Master Instructor

Mitch’s Yoga and Tai Chi: Qigong class is tailored exclusively for seniors who want to feel good about exercising. The experience, in an online group setting, is stress-free and enjoyable; at no cost to the senior citizen. There is no travel involved for the participant. The classes are instructed live and in-person via online.  Join exercise groups up to 500 participants and attend from anywhere in the world!

Mitch has 22+ years serving as a Group Fitness Instructor for seniors in Yoga, Qigong, Meditation, and specific Bone Strength, Stretch, and Balance classes. Body, Mind, and Spirit: Your body feels good, your mind feels good, and your Spirit feels good!

senior yoga class

True Healing is not about treating symptoms or curing illness merely on a physical level. It is about helping each other regain mastership over our mind, body, and Spirit with our own will and power; ultimately connecting with our True Self, where you can understand that you are perfect, perfect in every way!

senior yoga class

What We do

Yoga: We slowly perform a mild series of stretching postures with breath work to release tension in the body and relax.

Tai Chi/Qigong: If you want more energy and balance (even if you are currently suffering from dis-ease, fatigue, stress, pain, or the effects of aging), then you will love this easy-to-learn, powerful practice. And have fun at the same time. You walk away feeling perfect about yourself!

WARM-UP ROUTINE: Most classes begin with a mild head-to-toe body warm-up.
Most classes will often include Brain Wave Vibration exercises and a special meridian tapping routine.  Brain Wave Vibration and Meridian Tapping are means through which we can easily tap into our Chi.

Overall, we utilize the body’s inherent rhythm to release locked emotional energy and calm higher-frequency brain wave activity. We stimulate and open our body’s 366 energy centers to enable our energy to flow freely. When everything flows well, the body naturally repairs, heals, and restores itself to its state of perfect health!