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Mitchell G. Menik

Business Strategist | Visionary

Professional Odyssey

Mitchell G. Menik’s illustrious career spans over three decades, marked by his unwavering commitment to excellence. His journey commenced during 1978-1985 when he developed cutting-edge training programs for the New York School of Gambling and Casino Training School. Combined with his service as the Assistant Director and later Director of Casino Training Scool, he meticulously orchestrated the training of over 2,000 dealers across Craps, Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack tables, in addition to introductory supervisor positions.

Business Acumen

Mr. Menik’s astute business acumen led him to Oppenheimer & Co, Inc., where he served as an Account Executive from 1985 to 1988. Here, he immersed himself in understanding diverse companies through their business plans, laying the foundation for his future endeavors.

Private Placements and Technological Pioneering

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Mr. Menik played pivotal roles at Kenilworth Systems Corp (1988-1991) and CashTek Corporation (1991-1995). As Vice President of Marketing & Public/Investor Relations, he facilitated private placement capital raises. These companies revolutionized the gaming industry with groundbreaking technology—the world’s first Cashless Wagering/EFT, LAN & WAN systems powered by proprietary Debit Cards. Currently, casinos rely on card-based player tracking systems, bidding farewell to coins.

Investor Relations and Market Leadership

From 1995 to 1999, Mr. Menik was the Director of Investor Relations at Actrade Financial Technologies, Ltd. His strategic vision and business plan prowess helped secure $10MM in equity capital. Under his guidance, Actrade soared to the pinnacle, ranking #1 in Investor’s Business Daily’s NASDAQ NMS stocks.

Director of Research and Investor Relations

At Castle Holding Corp, Mr. Menik donned multiple hats, overseeing research, public relations, and investor engagement. His strategic acumen fueled the successful coordination and raising of $1 million in private equity capital. This feat was achieved through a meticulously crafted Business Plan and an enticing Offering Memorandum, culminating in selling the company’s Convertible Preferred stock in a Private Placement.

Editor and Fundraiser Extraordinaire

Simultaneously, Mr. Menik served as the Editor and Publisher of “Sea Friends News” for Sea Friends Incorporated. His passion extended beyond corporate boardrooms to the realm of social impact. As the organization’s Director of Public Relations and Business Development, he spearheaded fundraising efforts, channeling resources toward their noble cause.

Advisor to High Net Worth Clients

Within the same period, Mr. Menik lent his expertise to Castle Advisors, Inc., advising high-net-worth clients. His meticulously researched Reports on various publicly traded companies guided investment decisions, leaving an indelible mark on the financial landscape.

Legacy and Beyond

Mitchell G. Menik’s legacy transcends balance sheets; it’s woven into the fabric of transformative endeavors. His unwavering commitment to excellence continues to shape industries and inspire future generations. 🌟📈

During the last 12 years to the present, Mr. Menik has written hundreds of business plans.

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Do you have any questions about Real Estate?  Mr. Mitchell Menik is a Real Estate Sales Agent with Signature Real Estate Group and can help you find the necessary information.  Please call Mitch to discuss what you want in Business and Real Estate Buying or Selling.

I love being in the real estate services business in the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson real estate markets, and plan to be here for many years. This longevity and confidence come from my real estate services to many buyers and sellers and their recommendations to others, which result in repeat and referral business that keeps me productive and successful.

I am a full-service Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson real estate professional representing buyers, sellers, and investors in transactions spanning all price ranges and property types.

Residential-Single Family—My residential single-family services connect buyers with sellers every day, and I do it with professionalism and total dedication to my clients. This property type accounts for most of my market transactions, but it is by far not the only one in which I have expertise.

Condominiums—While condominiums are residential, they have a very different market focus. I am helpful with evaluating condos and helping buyers and sellers cope with the special financing and homeowner concerns associated with this property type.

Multifamily – Investors are great clients for me. Multi-family properties are a very unique market. The detailed return on investment and valuation calculations investors need to evaluate properties for rental are second nature to me.

Vacant Land – Land is an exceptional property class. It’s relatively easy to show a gourmet cook a fabulous commercial kitchen in a home and see their eyes light up. It’s more of a challenge to help a buyer or seller realize the potential of a piece of land. I’m amongst the best at it in the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson real estate markets.

Commercial Real Estate – Getting ready to develop a project?  Let Mitch put an experienced team together and help you make it happen!