NV Business Services, The entire thing looks fantastic! I really like the power point presentation. Thank you so much for making my business plan, you really did a great job. Thank you.

NV Business Services, I must say that it was certainly a pleasure to work with NV Business Services. He seems to be very well informed and has a flare for applying what he knows. IT CERTAINLY IS A PLEASURE TO WORK WITH HIM. Most people only know one thing about an invention and that is that it will not work. However, NV Business Services was able to be patient enough to realize that this is AN INVENTION THAT WILL WORK. It was refreshing to work with him because of his positive attitude. And also, hopefully, it will be rewarding if the contagious attitude is perceived by the clients who will come in with his work share this attitude. Thanks Very Much!

I just wanted to take this moment to say I was very impressed with his excellent service. He was prompt and very successful on taking the info I gave him and making it into a promising and positive presentation for a future business that I hope to own. For that I want to thank him. I would recommend your service to anyone. Many Regards

I am very pleased with the results of my business plan and also pleased with how hard they worked to get this done. They were very professional on all work done. Hopefully all the hard work will pay off for both parties. Thanks again,

We have reviewed your work in support of the (Blank) Aviation Business Plan and find it to be well written and enlightening in revealing our “Big Picture Strategy”. Overall we think it is looking great!

I would like to say that your company could not have gone smoother…very professional in all regards and followed-up on a daily basis which was greatly appreciated. I will recommend your firm to any of my current or future associates. Thanks for a job well done and good luck in your future endeavors.

Thank you…I would like to comment for being so timely, prompt and the e-mail communication is great. I knew how the progress was going every step of the way. Thanks for all your help.

I just was going over the business plan again. It is really awesome! Words cannot really do it justice and you have outdone yourself! I never would have guessed that it would come out so good but I guess that’s the difference in having someone working on it that’s a professional and knows what they’re doing. Best Regards and looking forward to working with you in the future!

You are well worth the money. This is outstanding. So much so, that I am so impressed, I may want to be examined by me! You are terrific. Thank you,

I have no hesitancy in recommending to facilitate the development of a business plan for your business…recently wrote a business plan for my business and it received resounding praise by all parties having a need to review it. The process is quite simple. You to fill out a detailed questionnaire provided to you. Once completed and returned we had a phone conference to clarify any things that were not clear. At that point, his team developed the business plan and sent it out to me for review. The final version was an enhancement of the information I provided and it was organized in a concise professional manner, which brought out all the key points of my business. None of my facts or projections had been embellished, but was presented in the best language to convey the message of the plan…excellent job of setting my expectations, and living up to those expectations. The job was done in a very timely manner and they were perfectly on schedule to what was committed. In future, endeavors that require a business plan I will seek to enlist their service and I highly recommend them to others that may need a business plan. Best Regards

My name is Blaine F., owner/recruiter for Professional (Medical) C…, a physician recruitment firm serving eight Midwestern states. NV Business Services just completed a Professional Business Plan for our company. Throughout the three week process he demonstrated a professional and methodical approach to the project. He was extremely knowledgeable in his work and took the time to explain each step of the plan. His analytical skills in finance and marketing led to a very complete business plan for our company that I have already used for several related projects. I would highly recommend his diversified and talented services for any business projects that come to his attention. My contact information is listed below for any questions you may have. Sincerely

I have only been working with Mitch for a short period of time but he is truth. He is a man that lives what he teaches and that just creates such a grand experience. Mitch’s aura is so peaceful and smooth that simply being in his presence calms my spirit. I attend his Tai Chi class and I recommend it everyone. Mitch is an amazing instructor and a great man. Thanks so much for your dedication!!

Mitch is a devoted, caring instructor who never pushes beyond your capacity. He is in a constant state of learning himself and shares everything with his students

He is fantastic to work with. His voice and manner are very calming. I really enjoy taking his classes

We have found Mitch to be full of enthusiasm, very knowledgeable in technique, and demonstrates a tranquil feeling while learning the all important stress relief necessary in our very hectic world. He is very organized and is extremely prepared for each class and a joy to be associated with.

I was not familiar with Tai Chi & meditation before Mitch. I have Fibromyalgia I heard that Tai Chi was good for that disease. Mitch teaches a class of Tai Chi, with patience and compassion. He tells us that nothing is more important that this moment and we are special in every way. He also teaches us how to breathe, so we breath in good energy and breathe out bad toxins. I look forward to my Tai Chi Classes. They are a blessing to me and I know I am special in every day. I am so glad I have met Mitch and his staff. He is a healer and a wonderful man who loves life and all humanity.

Mitch is an incredibly compassionate teacher that encompasses the use of energy, enhancing the body-brain connection. He draws upon traditional chi. We start our classes by meridian stretching, followed by a beautiful 8-step sequence of postures. We end off with a mediation and discussion. A perfect way to start your week off

When I first went to Mitch, my gait was that of an old woman. My balance improved, and I no longer shuffle when I walk. I am also stronger. It has been an awarding experience

At the end of each and every one of Mitch’s Tai Chi classes at the Meadows and Atria, I feel a wonderful sense of well-being. And it usually lasts all day. For a novice like myself, his instruction and demonstration of the forms are clear and easy to follow. He’s sensitive to the varying levels and needs of students and reminds everyone not to do too much but also, for instance, to stretch a bit more and to breathe, breathe. He sometimes even recommends other excellent classes by other instructors that might be beneficial. He’s a gem!

Mitch is devoted to his Yoga, Tai Chi & Meditation training classes. He always does a great job leading us and makes it fun and beneficial. He is young at heart and puts a lot of enthusiasm into his classes.

I take both Meditation and Tai Chi classes with Mitch. He is an outstanding instructor, making the classes both beneficial and fun. I find the Tai Chi classes are helping to improve my balance and flexibility, so important as I get older. The meditation class is so calming and relaxing. He is very punctual in starting his classes, and makes his classes enjoyable. He is both professional and caring. I highly recommend Mitch as an instructor.

He is fantastic to work with. His voice and manner are very calming. I really enjoy taking his classes.

We have found Mitch to be full of enthusiasm, very knowledgeable in technique, and demonstrate a tranquil feeling while learning the all-important stress relief necessary in our very hectic world. He is very organized and is extremely prepared for each class and a joy to be associated with.

Mitch is an outstanding instructor. You feel like he is talking directly to you even when you are in a group. He explains things in a way you can understand them. His classes are fun & energizing. I look forward to mine every week!

I have taken Tai Chi with Mitch for over three years. After a surgery two years ago, I was left with a severe balance disorder. My doctors say I can credit my continuing improvement from this disorder directly to the Tai Chi Mitch has taught me and which I practice daily, in and out of his classes. I cannot recommend Mitch highly enough. He is compassionate, non-dogmatic and practical in his spirituality. He is a person of integrity and knowledge.

Mitch is an excellent Tai Chi Ki Gong, Yoga & Meditation instructor, always studying so he can bring more to his classes. Through Mitch’s classes I learned how to deep breathe properly & by doing so have brought down my blood pressure. Over all you learn to focus in the development of the body’s core strength as the basis of physical, mental & spiritual health. I also love the energy we have in Mitch’s classes, once you go you can’t wait until the next class. We as members actually feel like we’re one big happy family

Hi Mitch, wanted to thank you for introducing me to the great benefits of Tai Chi and Meditation. The group I was part of at h2u was so full of wonderful energy. It made me feel good both physically and mentally. Of course it goes without saying, without your instruction, it wouldn’t have been worthwhile. I continue to do both tai chi and meditation every day.

Hi Mitch, I made an appointment to have my check up with my doctor ,when she saw me she said you look great, after the total exam she said you are amazing your health and blood pressure was normal . She ask what was I doing, I told her that I was attending Tai Chi Yoga. She was really interested in knowing all about it. Maybe I will tell her to come visit us sometime. Thank you Mitch for this wonderful class I really do appreciate you.

Just about a month ago, I participated in your classes at the Marriott in Las Vegas, and I wanted to thank you for your kindness and compassion as I began a new way of exercise. Since my class with you, I have purchased a few books at the book store and practiced yoga three or four times per week. In my off days I still stretch to help my lower back, and have added back weight lifting. Wow, what a difference the breathing and stretching of yoga has made in my life. I am feeling stronger everyday with my back and the stress is much more in check than it ever has been before. Thanks Again.

We had no idea eating heart healthy could be so easy. Very much appreciate how Michele taught my wife and I how to prepare quick and simple meals that are delicious. Happy to report we are seeing the results already with more energy and weight melting off. My cardiologist is delighted. Thank you. After today’s session with Mitch the long time pain in my shoulder is gone. Thank you guiding me through such a deep rejuvenating meditation. I’ve known for years meditating is great for getting rid of stress but could never get myself to actually do it. Thank you Mitch for guiding me through the process and giving me the opportunity to experience the powerful benefits. I’m now incorporating it into my busy day and it’s making a world of difference.

I am still a beginner, but the peace that the class brings me is fantastic.

I am taking Mitch’s class at the Paradise Park Community Center. I find Mitch to be a very caring person and awesome instructor. He makes sure that you are comfortable doing the movements at your own pace whether it be relaxed or more intense. I would recommend his class to anyone no matter what their physical ability is. Thanks Mitch.

I really enjoyed the class at Paradise Center. I think the most important thing I learned was the correct breathing procedure to relax the body and reduce stress. I am looking forward to future classes and will be recommending friends to attend Mitch’s classes.

I have taken other Tai Chi classes and never had such an engaged teacher as Mitch. My other Tai Chi teachers only taught the movements and breathing techniques. Mitch takes the time to explain why the breathing and movements are so important and the health benefits you can gain. Mitch is very personable and makes me feel very comfortable that I can ask him questions. Mitch even takes time after the class to give you detailed answers to your questions. As a senior this means so much to me. Mitch’s advice has helped me to recover from terrible back, shoulder, and headache pain. For an uncoordinated person as myself, I’ve become discouraged with past teachers and stopped because I couldn’t live up to the teacher’s expectations. During Mitch’s class he gives encouragement. Because of his encouragement I have continued to go to the class for over 4 months now, and I’m improving each month. This is the first time I’ve stuck to any type of exercise program and feel it is entirely due to Mitch. Mitch always brings something new to the class such as learning the importance of tapping, stretching, laughing exercises ( so much fun), and tea meditation. Mitch is not only a wonderful teacher, but also a very kind, caring, and loving spirit and I look forward to attending his classes.

This is so thoughtful of you. Thank you very much. Toki and I enjoyed this morning’s Wednesday meditation. And I have had an amazing day. It was the most balanced that I have felt for a long time. I told my husband that I felt some strong positive difference during the meditation. I kept the phrase you gave me Monday: “Act as if” in my mind all day, and I kept visualizing those little brain neurons and dendrites wiggling back into order. I am doing the exercises from the Warner Balance Center, and I will begin to incorporate more tai chi.

Hi Mitch, I just wanted to say thank you again. It’s been a really difficult week, and I can’t imagine where I would be without the experience of the past few weeks in your Tai Chi and Meditation class. You are an amazing teacher and I feel Heaven’s energy flowing right to me and my family because of the time I’ve spent in your classes. I tell everyone what a difference “being present” means, and there is truly so much to learn directly from the Universe by doing so. I feel a huge relief to finally be able to appreciate this and to practice it in the company of so many wonderful people. Honestly, you just feel like family to me. I am so grateful for your energy and dedication to Truth and being a guide for others. It’s a great blessing to know you. Have a great weekend!!

I am taking Mitch’s class at the Paradise Park community Center. I find Mitch to be a very caring person and awesome instructor. He makes sure that you are comfortable doing the movements at your own pace whether it be relaxed or more intense. I would recommend his class to anyone no matter what their physical ability is.

I am taking Mitch class at Paradise Park Center and find Mitch very helpful as he explains each form. I have had both hips replaced and also have scoliosis in my lower back. A few months ago I was not able to get out of bed or walk without pain. A few sessions in his class and I am now able to walk and sit without as much pain. Also my balance is returning. I am still doing the class seated but sure I will be doing the forms standing on my own two feet. Mitch is so patient and helpful that it makes doing the exercises easy and relaxing. I recommend this class to all my friends, Thank you Mitch and many blessings to you

Comments below from Mitch’s classes at the JW Marriott’s Aquae Sulis Spa Quoted from Las Vegas Review Journal –View Edition — September 15, 2004

I just attended your Tai Chi class and your instructor is outstanding. Please continue to promote them and this class. I will return.” 8/27/04

Yoga and Tai Chi classes were outstanding. 9/9/04

Really enjoyed Tai Chi/Yoga class with Mitch-great instructor-fun class. 9/11/04

The Tai Chi class was extraordinary, professional, thorough, and personal to my body type. I wish they had a DVD or worked in Pasadena! 10/12/04

Recently started the yoga class (w/Mitch) and I just wanted to let you know-it’s great! He does a wonderful job!! March ’05

Thanks to you the yoga classes that I have taken have made a huge difference in my life and they have really helped me to get out of the mental funk I was in. Honesty compels me to say that I am quite sure that I could have not accomplished this without you. The confidence, support and the excellent instruction you have provided me is not found in every yoga class and it has definitely helped me immensely.

just wanted to thank you for the wonderful classes yesterday! I woke up this morning feeling so refreshed and centered; a feeling that I had been missing for a while. I will practice what you taught me, and will of course be back. My husband is also interested in joining me, so I am very excited about that! I just wanted to thank you, and to tell you I am looking forward to returning.

Mitch’s Yoga & Tai Chi class was amazing…keep them here! 5/20/05

Mitch is an excellent teacher. Our whole family did Tai Chi everyday here as well as Meditation & Tea and Stress & Relaxation and found it to be the best part of our stay here.

The Yoga instructor (Mitch) was excellent in knowledge and practice. He provided a thoroughly relaxing experience. The love of people was evident. I loved the eye pillows, warm towels, & massage.

just wanted to take a minute to tell you how great the Yoga & Tai Chi classes taught by Mitch are. He is a great instructor.

Mitch runs excellent classes, would choose to stay here again instead of at the strip as long as Mitch are here teaching their classes.

Mitch is fantastic in the Spa/Experience class…professional/compassionate and a huge asset to the Resort.

I have been to many spas worldwide, and I am happy that the spa here always compares well. I come often and love the environment. Today I am here solely for Mitch’s meditation class. He is wonderful and keep me from going to other Las Vegas spas.

Mitch, I wanted to thank you for adding to the quality of my day today at the spa. I enjoyed both the yoga and the meditation. I have a feeling the Marriott does not fully realize what they have in you.

We just finished several classes at the Spa with Mitch Menik and I want to tell you how wonderful a teacher of Yoga and Tai Chi he is. I can’t imagine a better experience and you’re fortunate to have him on staff. Thank you.

The Spa was very relaxing—it was worth every penny. We enjoyed the Yoga & Tai Chi classes by Mitch—The best we’ve had.

I just wanted to comment on the fitness classes particularly the Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation instructor Mitch…fabulous. Those classes are perfect for after spa services – the finally after a facial or massage. I would come back because of him. Keep him around!!

I’m a local & I love to come relax at your spa – it’s better than any other place I’ve been here in town. The atmosphere & employees are perfect. I especially love your fitness classes & Mitch (Yoga & Tai Chi).

Classes by Mitch UNBELIEVABLE!

Yoga & Meditation…Mitch was wonderful. I wish I lived in Las Vegas just to take his classes!

Meditation was Excellent! Thanks for offering that service.

I came here for 2 classes with Mitch and he exceeded my expectations by far. He is utterly a fantastic person who put on terrific classes that provide so much more than just physical assistance. I will tell everyone I know how much I benefited from Mitch today; and encourage them all to schedule a class.